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Best 5 Hacks For Packing And Shipping Ideas You Must Know For Business

by mirandashaffer

Suppose you started a handmade small business. Then you need to know the things how bagged packaged goods for your business before you start. You love the product you create. But it is not enough to impress your customers. 

A customer’s experience is not only purchasing your products, but as a small business, every aspect counts—especially the product’s packaging. 

The average cost of packaging can be $1 for every $10 spent. 


Can you spare almost 10% of your retail value of packaging? Therefore, the problem is to reduce packaging costs. You may now ask how you can package handmade products in a way that is visually pleasing, easy, and economical?  

This article presents some interesting hacks for packing and shipping the products. If 

If you want to learn, keep on reading till the end point. 

Packing and Shipping: Essential part of your business

Many online and offline shops do bag packaged goods really very well. You may think that the ideas might be mega money. But, no, you could spend the value of your product in packaging without spending more money. Let’s learn how you can do this.

Packaging Hacks 1: Printable Logo & Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes is one of the impressive bagged packaged goods ideas. Using this, you can show your handmade product, and it is easy to hang your product at your local craft shop. 

It is a charming and cute idea to sell the product as well, as it can protect your item during shipping. 

What’s more? Till now, it is pretty simple. But, if you want to add more things to make your packaging creative, you can use these items: Printable labels and little strings.

It is very simple to dress up your packaged products. For example, you can purchase label sheets and print your brand logo or leave a message in handwriting. In this way, your customer feels more connected with you. 

Tips: place them off-center on the cardboard and wrapped around the side of the box. Secure them with a string of beautiful ribbons. It will be a very attractive idea for bagged packaged goods.

Packaging Hacks 2: Food Safe Treat Bags

Wax Paper is a very trendy packaging idea, and also it is a very easy and short process of packaging. Therefore, it is apt for stacking, mailing, and storing food products. 

By adding more things, you can decorate a plain treat bag creatively. In addition, you can purchase some mini clothespins of white color from craft stores. 

Plus, a printed card can be expensive if you buy from the store; otherwise, you can use a home color printer to print your brand name. Secure them on top of the package.    

Tips: make sure the color of the card and the clothespin should match the combination. It will add extra flavor to your bagged packaged goods. 

Packaging Hacks 3: Designing tape

It is one of the easy hacks. To do this, you should change the conventional tape. Then, if you wish to create a different look for your packaging, you can try it. 

In the market there are many designing tips available, you can purchase some of them as per your choice. For example, you can choose washi tape and place them over the sealed package.

It makes the package more secure, and your customers can see that no one can open it. It helps to build trustworthiness in your business. 

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Packaging Hacks 4: Personalize Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamp is a very old item that has been used in the product to prove them original. In the market, there are a lot of companies that sell similar products. 

Therefore, to make your product different from other companies, you can add a customized rubber stamp in the packaging process. 

In this way, you can promote your brand name and increase the brand value along with product quality. Apart from this, if you wish, you can do the same for receipts, business cards, and postcards. 

Packaging Hacks 5: Jute Bag With Designing Strings

This is one of the most interesting hacks for packaging. This packaging will impress your customers because customers can use Jute Bag again. 

Wow! This is an amazing idea. To create the Jute Bag creative, you can use colorful satin cord string, which can secure the package and is quite impressive. 

Jute Bag is available in many craft shops. You can purchase from them. Apart from this, using jute bags for bagged packaged goods also increases brand value because jute bags are good for nature.

Customers may understand that you are not only doing a business, but you are also aware of the environment. It is an excellent hack idea for packaged goods. 

Tips: if you wish to make the jute bag more interesting, you can draw some quotes, for instance: “Good vibes,” by using acrylic color. It will help to catch your target customers. 

Wrapping Up: You’ll Love These Hacks

Packaging goods and shipping the item are crucial parts of the business. It’s just like post-production of the film. Therefore, you should always focus on it and try to make it creative on your budget. 

Hopefully, this article can meet your desire. Please, let us know which hacks you like most. 

If you want to know more, you can leave a comment below. Or, you can send an email as well. Finally, you can visit our website if you wish to know about product packaging bags, you can visit our website.

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