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There are many types and models of side businesses that someone can do. An example is opening a Barber shop business.

A beginner will find it difficult to open and start this business.

However, these difficulties will be overcome if you have the expertise or skills in cutting the hair of various models.

Nowadays, more people choose to have their hair cut in a special place rather than having to cut it themselves.

The reason is that in a place like a Barber shop there will be many models that can be chosen according to your wishes and the work is neater.

How to Start a Barber shop Business

Not much different from other home-based businesses such as a toast business or refill water business which is easy to start, the Barber shop is also the same type of business.

To start this business, you have to follow barber shop business plan or there are several steps that you must take, namely:

  1. Choose the right location. The choice of location will affect whether or not a business is crowded
  2. Create a business concept that will be carried out, including room design
  3. Create a comfortable Barber shop
  4. Prepare some necessary equipment
  5. Recruiting a workforce with expertise in hair cutting
  6. Determine how to promote so that your business will be more known and familiar

Barber shop Initial Capital

To open this Barber shop business, there is an initial capital that you must prepare to buy some equipment, including:

  • Barber chair minimum 2 pieces USD. 2,000
  • Big mirror USD. 1,500
  • Dressing table USD. 1,500
  • Small mirror USD. 100
  • Rent a place in USD. 2,00

The total for initial capital is USD. 7,100

Barber shop Profit Analysis

You have pocketed the initial capital; the next step is to complete all the tools and equipment needed to grow this business:

The breakdown of the cost of the equipment needed is:

  • Shaving machine USD. 500
  • Hair comb USD. 20
  • Razor USD. 50
  • Towel Rp. 200
  • Body cover USD. 100
  • Small and large clips USD. 50
  • Spray bottle USD. 50
  • Soap bowl USD. 10

If 10 people cut their hair in one day, assuming the cost of cutting the hair is USD. 10,0, then the daily income is USD. 100

For one month is USD. 3,00. So, your net profit is USD. 1,670

Advantages of Barber shop Business

Several reasons underlie someone to pursue this Barber shop business.

The most are because this business has various advantages that ultimately facilitate the process of business travel.

What are the advantages? See below:

Small Capital Required

On average, opening a haircut business only costs 5 million.

This capital is smaller than the profit you will get, which can take many times the capital issued.

Easy to Do

Although it requires skills in cutting hair, this business is still the type of business that is easy for anyone to do as long as they have the desire and intention to learn.

Sweet seller

The need for haircut services will always be there because many want to change trending hairstyles that cannot be cut.

As a result, this business always sells well, especially if it opens strategically.

Simple Equipment

To run or start this business does not require all kinds of equipment. However, the mandatory equipment is a comb, shaver and mirror.

It can be used as a side business

Opening a Barber shop business does not have to be the main job. Instead, you can open it as a side business to increase your income.

If you can’t run it yourself, you can recruit employees who are experienced in haircut services.

Barber shop Business Constraints

The obstacles that are often faced when opening a Barber shop business are:

  1. It’s hard to find experienced barbers. Because experienced barbers usually ask for a high salary, you have to be smart in finding workers to start this business.
  2. There is always a need for innovation and the latest updates on current hair trends. You should often go to the internet and find out what hair trends are in vogue.
  3. Customer comfort is paramount, so you should always make your place of business as comfortable as possible. Always keep the place clean so that no trash or hair is flying around.
  4. Business competition is getting tougher. Provide the best service and additional facilities, so customers remain loyal to your services. You can also install wifi, so customers don’t get bored while waiting in line.

For more information you should visit business plan consultant.

Strategic Place to Open Barber shop

Opening a haircut business cannot be done anywhere. Choosing a strategic place will bring you many benefits.

Where is the strategic place? Consider the following description:

  • Close to the market, where the market is the center of the crowd so more people will come
  • Close to shopping centers
  • Campus area
  • Busy neighborhood
  • Side of the road that many vehicles pass and easy to see

The Right Business Promotion

Promoting a business today is not difficult because it is supported by advances in digital technology that make it easier. Here’s an effective way of promoting a Barber shop business:

  • Pamphlets or brochures
  • Create a website or maximize social media
  • Make a member card by providing additional facilities for free if you have cut your hair to a certain extent.
  • Give a discount for those who invite friends to get a haircut there too.
  • Hold lottery prizes frequently.

How to Manage Barber shop HR

If you want your business to progress and succeed, there must be things that must be done. Everything can not happen if you just stand still watching other businesses become more advanced.

To do this, human resource management is needed to support success.

How to do it? Here is the answer:

  1. Equipping employees with haircut skills by joining special classes for Barber shop s
  2. Equip with excellent service so that customers feel more comfortable and comfortable
  3. Treat all employees well so that they will be friendly with customers.

Tips for Successfully Running a Barber shop Business

Everyone who owns a Barber shop business wants the business he or she to live to be successful, develop and progress from time to time.

For this business to be successful, consider the following tips:

  1. Choose the right location.
  2. Prioritizing satisfactory service
  3. Friendly price
  4. Use modern tools
  5. Follow the latest hairstyle trends.
  6. Recruit experienced personnel

Opening and running a Barber shop business is not something difficult.

Although nowadays there are more and more modern Barber shop s with more complete and luxurious facilities, that doesn’t mean you can’t try this home-based business.

You can take advantage of many opportunities in this business because not everyone is comfortable doing a haircut in a more modern place.

Some feel comfortable getting their hair cut at a Barber shop on the side of the road.

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