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Applications that Android smartphone users must delete right now

Harmful Application Android Smartphone User Should Delete

by HarshaniS

We download multiple applications on mobile phones. Irrespective of using android mobile phones or iPhones, we have different sources of downloading these applications. The Google play store can be found on android mobile phones and the App Store can be found on the Apple iPhone. However, Android users have the liberty to download any other third-party application which is not even available on the Google play store. Whereas, iOS users cannot do that and only have the option to download applications that are present on App Store. This is done for the protection of the users and their security.

These applications are not equipped with all the safety and security. Nowadays, people have started to get aware of them. Many researchers have stated that the following applications on the android system have infested malware or malicious viruses into many devices. Therefore, they have decided to ban it or ask the users to delete it. You can always approach a phone repair service to identify any kind of virus on your smartphone. Many of these applications are not available on the Google play store. Yet there are a lot of options open for android users on the browser as well.


  1. Razor keyboard and theme

The razor keyboard and team application is just another keyboard application that will change its theme of it. To look at the keyboard more interestingly and add up themes and colors to it is the job of this application. However, it is still doubted for our authenticity. It has 100, 000+ downloads on the Google play store. It provides the users with personalized themes of the keyboard. With this application, users can design the look of the keyboard, alphabet, or even the colors of it.


  1. Vlog star video editor

You will be shocked to hear that this application has 5,000,000+ downloads on the Google play store. You might be thinking about how can such a popular application still holds a virus or malicious activities. That is what surprises us TOO. However, the Google play store is planning to buy this application, and till then expect the users to delete or uninstall this application from the devices to be safe. Blog star video editor is simply another video editing app with many effects. Short or even longline videos can be edited on this application.


  1. Wow beauty camera

We have become so used to adding filters to a picture now and then. Wow, a beauty camera is an application that provides you with beauty filters or other effects. We love to edit our photos and enhance the beauty of art pictures. However, this application may provide you with many beauty filters and options to edit your pictures. However, this application is also rated as an application that can be malicious enough to ruin your android mobile phone or infested with some virus. You can have the option to avail of a doorstep mobile repair service to fix this issue.


  1. Funny camera

This is the application that has 500,000 plus downloads and many reviews on the play store. However, this application can also get some kind of virus on your mobile phone. This application offers a funny camera that is funny filters your face. These filters can be the same as that are available on Snapchat or Instagram. People might just download this for entertainment purposes. However, the consequences of this entertainment can be bad enough.


  1. GIFs emoji keyboard

This application has 100, 000+ downloads on the Google play store. It might have bad as well as good reviews which is a perfect combination for it. We are so used to create an interesting conversation with whomever we talk to. Therefore, we have become so used to using emojis for every emotion that we write in a chat. It keeps the conversation going and makes it even more interesting. However, if you are unable to find some kind of emoji you would want another way to get it on your keyboard. This GIFs emoji keyboard is available on the Google play store. However, you might have the question that only verified keywords might be there but it can also be helpful.



Google has mostly deleted many of these applications from the Google play store. However, they are still available in the form of APK files. As Google or android users can download any third-party applications, Bing is aware of these applications and many more projects on the internet. These applications can hold on viruses on your device or even risk your data and other activities. You might also see promotions or advertisements relating to this application. Many Fraudsters advertise this application by paying some amount for the promotion so that many people are attracted to it. You can always sell your old mobile phone online and switch to another one with higher security services.



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