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Andaman Trip – Your Complete Travel Guide

Andaman is an island that is dotted with white sandy beaches. The tourist spot has gained fame throughout the decades.

by rakeshchaudry

There are many spots in Andaman trip you can go to. The world’s biggest marine turtle nest located in Andaman. Andaman also has a variety of Islands within. The white beaches are awe-inspiring that isn’t easily found in India. When you visit Andaman is like travelling to a foreign country just by looking at the beautiful beaches. This is a complete guide to arrive, the ideal timing to visit, and much more.


How do I reach you the destination

Because there is a river body that you need to traverse to get to Andaman trip You are not able to travel via train. The most convenient way to get to Andaman islands is to fly by plane. The closest commercial air terminal is Veer Savarkar airport in Port Blair. You can fly to any city, but if the flight time is longer you may need to switch flights. Between Kolkata or Chennai the duration of the flight will be about 2 or 3 hours.

Another option is to travel via shipping. The ship will dock on Haddo Wharf which is the most important Port Blair. Port Blair. The ship will sail out of Kolkata and Chennai 3-4 times one month. It will take about 4 days to get on the ship. The ship isn’t an cruise ship, therefore there aren’t any entertainment options. It is intended for commuters. This method of traveling isn’t recommended since it extends the trip duration and could be exhausting.


The best time to visit

Because it’s an island it is possible to visit any time throughout the year. The best time to visit is during the winter time when everything is in order and the weather is nice and it’s the best time to visit. Monsoons aren’t recommended because there could be high tides. If you are a beach lover, the ambience and the natural environment in the summer months is wonderful. The summer months are a great season for festivals and celebrations. There is the Island Tourism festival, Subash Mela and Block Mela occur during the summer months. Monsoons aren’t recommended since you aren’t able to go exploring or engage in any adventurous activities. However, if you want to travel and explore, you could travel during monsoon time.


Visits to places to go

Andaman in its own right has many islands. The various islands and locations that you could visit are

Havelock Island – D This island has grown into an extremely popular tourist destination over the years. The beauty of the island is breathtaking, with lush greenery and white sand on the beaches and blue waters. There are luxury hotels on the island that were built for the purpose of serving guests. Two popular beaches on the island are Elephant Beach and Radhanagar beach. In the Radhanagar beach is awash with sound of animals playing with the sound of animals. With expert guidance, snorkeling and scuba diving may be performed.

Some other islands you could visit include Neil island Ross island North Bay island, Baratang island, Viper island, Cinique island.

It is the Kala Pani jail is a cell jail that was that was used by Britishers at one time. The jail was used for the detention of freedom fighters in the struggle for Indian independence. The jail is now an attraction for tourists and even an event with lights and music is staged there.

A few places to explore include Diglipur, Chidiya Tapu, Mount Harriet And Madhuban and the Corbyn Cove beach.



If you’re trying to save money on your travels Here are some suggestions that could help

  1. Check that all your travel arrangements are made prior to the time, since this will save lots of money.
  2. You can make the reservations on your own. Or If you require assistance, take your advice from the locals or a travel agent
  3. The weather is usually nice therefore if you are traveling in non-ac vehicles , it will help you save money.


The reasons to visit Andaman trip Why you should visit Andaman

There aren’t many people who really need a reason to travel. The area itself has earned an excellent reputation for the beauty and adventure it has to offer. There is also the opportunity to taste the local cuisine that is based on seafood. Shop or visit the numerous islands along with the white sandy beach.


A trip to Andaman is an enjoyable experience since there’s plenty to see and unforgettable experiences. Andaman is a paradise with stunning views from a variety of islands to choose from. It is a must to plan an excursion in Andaman and there aren’t any restrictions on when you are able to travel.

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