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All About Corporate Health Screenings

An employee who is active and healthy is more productive and contributes positively to any company.  It is seen that more and more corporates and companies, whether big or small, are putting a lot of emphasis on the health of the employees. Corporate health screenings have become a mandatory part of all companies. In the dynamic and competitive work environment, the employees go through a lot of stress because of their demanding work schedules; they have deadlines to meet, have irregular and unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, and no physical activity. This will undoubtedly lead to an adverse effect on their health.

Corporate health screenings are a good idea

Companies have understood the importance of the health and wellness of their employees. An employee who is unhealthy, as well as unfit, will not be productive. This is due to repeated absenteeism, lack of energy, and concentration at work. Regular corporate health screening is vital to effective health management of the employees. There are many customised corporate health screenings for working professionals. There are also a variety of wellness program packages for employees which have been designed to suit the employees’ needs. The tests which are included in the corporate health screening packages will give a good understanding of the health status of an employee and will also provide proper guidance for the appropriate treatment as well as efficient management of the disease, in case of any abnormalities.

Benefits of Corporate Health screenings for employees

  • Regular health screenings not only help in saving a person’s life, money, and mental suffering but it is also helpful in saving tax as well.
  • A taxpayer is able to get a tax benefit of up to Rs. 5000 under section 80D of IT Act for a preventive health screening.
  • Corporate health screenings are very effective in protecting the health and wellness of the employee and also his family.
  • A healthy workforce will lead to high productivity and eventually, growth of the business as it results in boosting morale and reduces absenteeism.

Types of corporate health packages for employees

  • Customized Corporate Health Packages – Companies can select a package that will depend on the number of employees and on the basis of the needs of employees.
  • Pre-employment Health Packages – It is better to know the health condition of the potential employees before they are hired. Hiring an unfit or an unhealthy person can lead to productivity issues.
  • Health Camps for corporates – Companies can organize health camps for their employees every year.

What is the hba1c normal range in India?

Haemoglobin is a molecule that is present in the red blood cells. It will help to carry oxygen to the tissues of the body. The hba1c is also known as Haemoglobin A1c or glycosylated haemoglobin. This type of haemoglobin will contain sugar.

hba1c normal range in India for healthy, pre diabetic, as well as diabetics

There are different ranges of HbA1c which are considered normal.

  • For Non-Diabetics –  A healthy non-diabetic person may have HbA1c will measure less than 6% of the entire haemoglobin. Anything under 6.0% is the hba1c normal range in India for a non-diabetic person.
  • For Pre-Diabetics – For people whose blood sugar levels are a little higher than the normal range that means the level of diabetes are not that high as to be considered a case of type-2 diabetes. It is possible to control the diabetes with a healthy lifestyle as well as proper diet. They can get a normal range of HbA1c values which is between 6.0% to 6.4%.
  • For Diabetics – For people who are diabetics, then the hba1c normal range in India is 6.5% or above.

The HbA1c count is a reliable indicator of the average blood glucose over a set period of time.  This is because the glucose will bind slowly to Hemoglobin A as well as decomposes at the same rate.  Even if people have hba1c normal range in India, it has to maintained with the help of medicines, healthy changes in the lifestyle as well as guidance of doctors. If the value is higher than the normal range then it can lead to potential heart strokes, glaucoma peripheral artery disease, etc.


Employees often deal with a lot of stress and pressure on a daily basis as a result of tight deadlines and a lot of work. This will undoubtedly affect the health of the employees in the long run. For this reason, corporate health screenings have become a necessity in the present times. Even if an employee may look active and healthy, there may be some health problems that may not show any symptoms, which will cause low energy and result in less productivity in the workplace. There are a lot of organizations that offer corporate health screening packages for the benefit of their employees.

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