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Advantages of Windows 8.1 above previous versions

by birchlee

Microsoft’s failure to build upon Windows 7 made Windows 8 a huge letdown for users. Will upgrading to Windows 8.1 make life easier or make you long for the old days? The new features must be examined to determine their value.

It was in October 2012 when Microsoft released Windows 8, and since then, it has outsold every other OS on the globe. The newest release, Windows 8.1, improves upon previous editions in several key ways. This page serves as a comprehensive resource for learning how to use Windows 8.1’s new features.

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 8.1 yet, you really need to. Since it’s so fundamental to modern computer use, it’s not surprising that people often overlook it.

Everyone who uses a computer regularly does so on Microsoft Windows 8. From Windows 1 all the way up to Windows 8, each successive release has ushered in a new era of innovation. Both of these iterations of Windows XP had huge success with end users.

Windows 8.1 has new and improved functionality.

Even if you have no intention of upgrading to Windows 10. I think you’ll still find this article to be of interest because of all the new features it discusses.

Although Windows 8 introduced some welcome changes, the release of Windows 8.1 ushers in a brand-new era. Take a look at to gather more detail about the Windows 8.1. Compared to the previous version, many things have changed in this upgrade. Such as the addition of metro applications and start screen tiles.

We’ll discuss the latest and greatest changes:

1. New user interface:

This is the so-called “Modern” UI, first seen in Windows 8. Even though this user interface is more streamlined and up-to-date than the traditional Windows interface. Getting used to it may take some time. However, after using this OS for only 2 weeks, your brain will have acclimated to it completely. And you won’t be able to consider switching to anything else.

2. Redesigned Initialization Menu:

Windows 8.1’s new start screen is very identical to Windows Phone’s live tiles, although much more polished. Live Tiles are visually appealing because of its color scheme, logos, animation, and other features.

3. The View in a Flash:

Any iOS 7 user can attest to the fantastic Snap View feature. Any non-full-screen window may be “snapped” onto the Windows 8.1 desktop and made readily available.

4. Cortana

Cortana was created from the ground up to assist those with active lifestyles. She can make it easier to discover things, incorporate timely knowledge into your life, and maintain order.

5. Brand-New Live Tiles:

Windows 8’s enhanced “live tiles” provide access to a plethora of real-time data. Such as the weather, the latest headlines, upcoming events, unread emails, and more.

6. Enhancements to the Initial Screen:

After Windows 8 was introduced, it has undergone over a hundred changes. To make the start menu more efficient and user-friendly. Microsoft promises more information soon.

7. Flying Glass:

We can no longer toggle between the desktop and tablet views; users are now stuck in one or the other.

8. Tile Collections:

In metro applications, groups of tiles emerge as you drag your finger from one edge of the screen to the other. These tiles adapt dynamically to your preferences, and you may even add your own tiles to the mix.

9. Term Input Field:

The Windows key + E will take you to the new search bar that has been added to the head of the start menu. Also, it may use the search function in any program. While surfing the web, the browser’s search bar pops up so that queries may be entered directly into the address bar.

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