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Accounting Tips For Small Businesses in the UK

by sheranwilliams

Students seeking accounting assignments help must read forth to learn the 123s to small business accounting and other useful tips. A small business is owned and operated by a sole individual or in partnership with a brand. Such businesses have few employees and have yearly gross revenue less than a regular-sized enterprise. Small businesses have no government supply support and are often ineligible for tax policies of their respective country of origin. As to the report generated by the UK Bureau of Statistics (ABS), any business with twenty or fewer employees is known as a small business.

Many small business owners find joy in accounting, managing cash flow, filing taxes, and managing all finance-related matters. All big businesses were small businesses once. A company becomes successful, then a new small business emerges, and this cycle continues. Starting small businesses is risky yet exhilarating for people who are passionate about their business. Every business owner needs to follow the steps to set up their business and get it up and running.

How to save time? Use proper planning and innovations to help a business grow to manage finances, accounting, and bookkeeping; these steps are extremely important for a small business. Many students learn this in university, and it comes in really handy for enterprise operations. Students seeking accounting assignment help in the UK can get it at the My Assignment Services website. Following are a few tips for small business owners for keeping accounts of their business. 

Accounting assignments help-How to choose an accounting method.

When setting up a business, the first and most crucial step is setting up a business account and deciding which accounting methods to process with. There are primarily two methods for business accounting cash or accrual basis accounting.


For cash-based accounting, the expenses and transactions are registered concerning the cash transactions happening under the business. It means the transactional entry will be written if the payment is made in cash.

Accrual basis

Many businesses prefer using the accrual basis accounting method, and it is due to its versatility of this method. On an accrual basis, the expenses and transactions are recorded regardless of the payment method. All transactions must be registered irrespective of cash payment or service payment. A double entry is made for every transaction, and it is used to define the amount and nature.

Students must pay attention to these methods if they are passionate about setting up a small business. A small business requires proper accounting methods and regular entries to maintain the cash flow and compare profit-loss percentages. Also, students who are already small business owners and pursuing their degrees can get accounting assignment help in the UK at the My Assignment Services website to keep track of business and school simultaneously.

Steps of Bookkeeping for a small business

Bookkeeping is the method of recording the financial transactions of a company regularly. It is especially important for a small business as it is necessary to keep track of their profit and use of their investment. Bookkeeping might seem a mundane task to many, but for small business owners, it is a joyful time of the day as they analyze their earnings and figure out areas of development. Such methods are really useful in curating a plan of action for marketing and various other decision to make the business more profitable. Following are a few of the basics of bookkeeping every small business owner must know.:

Financial Transactions

Preparing accounting documents and knowing or developing a basic format for the nature of business is important. A source document is a basis for recording every transaction happening in the industry.


A Journal or a book of original entries is a document in which all the financial transitions are recorded in chronological order using a double-entry system. The two entries done are- credit and debit. The accountant often maintains two journals, one for special entries like order, revenue, and more. A general entry is registered in a general journal.


A general or book of final entries is a document where all the changes made to the original transactions are recorded with all other available entries.

Trial Balance

When the total sum of debits equals the total sum of credit, it is called a trial balance. When making a transaction report, the debit and recognition should be equal. If the trial balance doesn’t remain equal for both credit and debit, it must be readjusted to attain the same.

Adjusting Transaction Entries

At the end of every financial year, the account entries need to be evaluated and adjusted for preparing a report. Usually, a transaction is recorded twice or missed to be added registered while adjusting entries.

Adjusting Trial Balance

After adjusting the entries to add entries missed and remove multiple entries, the trial balance is adjusted to ensure credits and debits are equal. Adjusting the trial balance is an important step before generating a financial report.

Financial Statement

A financial statement or a financial report is a document that possesses all information regarding the business’s financial transactions. The income data, change in equity report, balance sheet, cash flow information, and other notes are included in the financial statement.

Closing Entries

Before commencing the accounts for the next year, all the previous income, expenses, and debit accounts must be closed. While the temporary accounts are closed, the permanent or the balance sheet account remains open for future use. A post-closing trial balance is generated to ensure the equity of the credit-debit funds.

All these steps are important and necessary for maintaining the accounts of a business, and not even one should be skipped. All passionate and hopeful small business owners must learn these by heart to avoid errors in accounting. Students can learn these in school or get help from some online UK assignment help service to get started on the learning today to miss the errors.

These steps can help you maintain the accounts while still maintaining the funds independently. Keep going and keep up with the hustle as it takes just small ideas and huge efforts to get started with the next big business.

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