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Plastic is a polymer that can mold into any shape and size.

by kelamarry69

Plastic injection molding is a polymer that can mold into any shape and size. Everything around us is the result of plastic manufacturing. It involves a variety of plastic materials to choose from. It’s one of the most used materials in the world’s manufacturing industries. This material comes in solid form, but it heats and melts during manufacturing.

The manufacturing process is the oldest process to form the raw material into goods or products. It’s the easiest way to give any shape and size to the material and transforms it into different useful things. This process consists of many types. Each type takes place according to the product’s needs.


What do you Know About a Manufacturing Process,” Plastic Injection Molding”?

Plastic Injection Molding is a manufacturing process of injecting melted plastic liquid into a steel or metal mold to turn it into solid plastic parts. This process begins with selecting the right plastic material and a high-quality mold to run the production cycle. 

The molding company helps the client to find a great solution to make their goal successful and accomplished. They provide a team of skilled people who help in making molds, producing molded parts, and assembling the product. They collaborate with the client and make their mold’s design expectations into a reality. 

This process is a great solution for making any kinds of plastic parts and products. It’s a robotics process where thousands of plastic parts generate from a single designed mold.

Plastic injection molding – Consideration Needed for Making Plastic Parts:


  • Selection of Tools and Mold Designing:

A mold is an essential tool in the manufacturing process of plastic injection molding. It’s the first step that needs to consider the most; because without a designed mold this process can never take place. Making a mold is quite expensive. It takes a long time to design a high-quality mold. The high-quality mold determines the production of high-quality parts and products. 


Before making a designed mold, it needs a CAD design model of the desired product for production. The CAD model file shows the representation of a mold. CAD files include:


  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD
  • PTC ProE
  • StrekchUp
  • SpaceClaim
  • Autodesk Inventor.



  • Selection of the Raw Plastic Material:

It’s the second most considered step of plastic injection molding. Selecting the right plastic material ensures the successful production of plastic parts. There are various kinds of plastic materials, and it chooses based on the specification of the product. 

Plastic comes in different types including elastomer, thermosetting, and thermoplastic polymers. These three kinds of materials prefer the most in the plastic injection molding manufacturing process. Therefore, these materials contain greater viscosity.     


  • Process of Plastic Injection Molding:


  1. Feeding the Material:

Feed the raw plastic material into a hopper of the injection molding machine.


  1. Melting the Material:

Heat and melt the plastic material for turning into liquid form in the heating barrel at a high temperature.


  1. Injecting the Material:

Inject the liquified plastic material into the mold cavity, where a designed mold gets filled by hydraulic pressure. 


  1. Cooling the Material:

Cool and solidifies the melted plastic inside a designed mold, turning it into solid form at cooling temperature.


  1. Ejecting the Final Solid Plastic Parts:

Eject a mold from the injection moding machine. Remove the final finished plastic from a rod using an air blow or rod.



One cycle of the plastic injection molding manufacturing process produces thousands of identical plastic parts. From that, the plastic injection molding cycle repeats from the start.

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