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A Complete Guideline about 3D explainer videos

3D explainer videos

by jameswilliam

In the modern world computers are used to create characters in 3D dimensional form. Most of the business owners create 3D explainer videos for the advertisement of their products to snatch the attention of the customers. 3D animated explainer videos are very short videos but provide the complete information about your brand. They are very beneficial for the brand marketing. It contains character and objects that are created in three dimensional form with specific length, width and depth. 

Pros and cons of 3D explainer videos:

There are many advantages of 3D explainer videos over 2D explainer videos but at the same time there are some drawbacks of creating it. Here are some pros and cons of making 3D animated explainer videos for the enhancement and popularity of the brand.

Pros of 3D explainer videos:

Here are some of the pros for creating a 3D explainer for the establishment and growth of new business in the market.

  • Perfect for the showcasing of the products: It is perfect for showcasing the physical products of the brand. These types of videos are very helpful to describe all the parts of the complex products like mechanical products and machineries etc. They show it from each perspective in a realistic view. 
  • They are highly impressive: These types of videos are very effective to attract the audience quickly and more efficiently. Because of its unique features these videos can impress the customers and increase their curiosity to approach your brand again and again. 
  • Give more options for visual effects: These videos also enhance the visual representation of the products. You can show your brand in an excellent way for better understanding of the customers. 

Cons of 3D explainer videos:

Here are some of the cons of 3d explainer:

  • Production cost is very high: Production cost for the creation of 3D explainer videos for the brand is very high. There are many other matters of the business which need to be focused on, so most of the emerging brands cannot afford the highly expensive 3D animated explainer videos. They mostly prefer to create 2D videos to maintain the budget.
  • Duration is very long: It is a very laborious task to create authentic and unique 3D explainer video for the brand and it takes a lot of time in its production. New businesses do not have a lot of time for the growth and enhancement of their brand so they do not prefer to create 3D videos. 
  • Lack of flexibility: As the 3D explainers are very complex to create and they contain many complicated features and programs. It is very difficult to customize and recreate these videos again and again according to the latest trends of the market. During the revision and changes phase, video creators face a lot of problems and difficulties and it is the main disadvantage of 3D videos. 

When is the creation of a 3D explainer video the right choice?

For the showcasing of product specification and uniqueness most of the business owners wish to create 3D animated explainer videos. If you want to enhance the value of your business and want to spread your branded products worldwide you have to show the ins and outs of your mechanical products. The main aim or goal of your business is to explain the qualities of your products and services to impress the customers. 

You have to represent each part of your products separately that will be very helpful to engage the customers with your brand. To accomplish all your business goals, the creation of a 3D explainer is a right choice for the new businesses. These videos can show the live actions and also be able to show the inside looks which is not possible through 2D animated explainer videos.

When is the creation of a 3D explainer video a bad choice?

3D explainer videos are for enjoyment and most of the time people do not focus on the right message which the creators want to show through their videos. If you want to represent your product qualities you can show it through 2D explainer videos because people mostly distract from the fancy animations and are unaware of the basic message of the video. 3D videos are also very expensive so most of the higher companies also do not use them for the products advertisement. 

What should you do if you do not have the budget for a 3D explainer?

New emerging businesses have many other things to focus on and they do not have a lot of money and time to spend on 3D animated explainer videos. For making an effective visual representation of your brand and to demonstrate complex parts of the products 3d explainer ade used. On the other hand, to demonstrate the simpler parts of the products you can create 2D explainer videos.

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