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A Closer Look at NextGen EMR Software Top Features and Reviews

by Bella Jim

If you’re considering a new EMRS system for your clinic, then you’ve likely been searching for a comprehensive solution. NextGen EMR has several top features, including easy implementation and customization, bidirectional interfaces with most labs, and excellent customer service. Here’s a closer look at these top features and more. Here are some of the pros and cons of NextGen software. Listed below are some of their benefits and features.

Fast implementation

Implementing NextGen EMR software can be fast, streamlined, and hassle-free. The NextGen team customizes implementation plans to fit the specific needs of each facility, maximizing system capabilities and minimizing downtime. In addition to hands-on training, NextGen offers self-paced learning materials to ensure success. Here are three benefits of NextGen’s training courses:

The NextGen team offers rapid implementation, award-winning support, and a variety of other benefits. The company’s experienced consultants and software engineers can help your practice quickly integrate NextGen into its current workflow. This includes free training for staff, and ongoing training that keeps your staff up to date with the software. TempDev also offers dedicated support. Our experts are ready to answer your NextGen questions and assist you with the entire implementation process.

Excellent customer service

In addition to award-winning customer support, NextGen’s EMR software is easy to use. The software allows for customization of templates, virtual visits, and robust reporting. In addition, NextGen offers pre-implementation training that is usually led via WebEx video conferencing. A comprehensive list of customer support options is available. Below are some of the highlights of NextGen’s customer service. Read on for a breakdown of each benefit.

NextGen EMR can help you integrate with other institutions and medical specialists. The software also allows you to link with other EMRs and health data setups. By collaborating with another practice, you can gain access to patient lab results anytime, anywhere. It also eliminates the need to re-collect patients. NextGen’s software can also create charts based on patient insurance data and even provide real-time insurance eligibility verification.

Custom templates

Developing custom NextGen EHR software templates can significantly increase practice efficiency. To start, you need to analyze how clinicians work. You need to understand what their workflow entails, as well as their needs. Once you’ve established these, a NextGen EHR Template Developer can develop a custom template that meets your unique needs. Developing custom NextGen templates requires the help of a clinical team and an EHR Template Developer.

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase NextGen EHR software, you need to consider what customization options you want to make. There are several options available to customize the templates. NextGen allows you to modify existing templates or create new ones, depending on your needs and workflow. In addition, you can also use custom templates to streamline the electronic documentation process. NextGen EHR software customization can also improve workflow consistency and increase efficiency for clinicians by freeing up time spent on documenting into the EHR system.

Bidirectional interfaces with most labs

NextGen eMR software offers a bidirectional interface with most labs and supports a variety of test types. The software stores results and allows physicians to graph data over time. The system also measures compliance with CMS Promoting Interoperability standards, flagging areas of non-compliance, and provides simple explanations for how to pass. The company has three different pricing tiers.

Bidirectional interfaces with labs are a critical part of NextGen EMR/EHR software. They are necessary for secure connectivity with healthcare providers. In addition to improving workflow, efficiency, and degree of care, labs must also be able to receive and transmit test results in an EMR system. Further, physician’s orders must be transferred electronically. NextGen emr software includes bidirectional lab interfaces.

Audit tracker

If your practice is in the process of switching to an EMR system, you’ll want to look at NextGen EMR’s features. This cloud-based solution is a great choice for doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers looking to streamline their operations. In addition to improving financial performance, NextGen EMR has many other benefits, including customizable templates and time-saving shortcuts. While NextGen EMR has a bit of a learning curve, most users can pick it up quickly and make necessary adjustments.

The company has been in business since 1998, and was started by two doctors with one common goal: to make medical offices more efficient. NextGen EMR software was built with the needs of physicians and staff in mind. Because it’s affordable and easy to use, NextGen EMR software can be customized to fit the workflow of any practice. Moreover, it’s mobile-compatible, allowing physicians to access patient data from anywhere.


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