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9 Essential Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople by Desmond Brifu

by allwritersdestination

By looking at sellers who consistently perform well and meet or exceed their quotas, you can notice certain trends as Desmond Brifu suggested. 

These salespeople usually exhibit certain qualities that make them stand out from other members of their team. 

Here are nine essential skills of any good salesperson.

1. Organization

A good salesperson has no problem with a solicitation call. Desmond Brifu plans his call meticulously and is ready to answer any unexpected questions. Well-organized sellers who plan their business carefully can better meet the challenges that arise. They also seem more confident and knowledgeable when responding to potential customers.

2. Respect

Salespeople ask their potential customers to pause their activities to listen to a sales pitch. A good salesperson knows how to respect potential customers who agree to devote their time to them and do not take them for granted. If a potential customer refuses to listen to the sales pitch, it is essential that the salesperson respects this choice. Salespeople gain nothing by upsetting potential customers.

3. Listening

Any good salesperson knows how to listen to their customers and communicate effectively with them. This quality goes hand in hand with respect. Each client has unique concerns and needs that must be addressed. Customers will be even more likely to trust a salesperson who listens to them.

4. Passion

If you give your customers the impression that you don’t like your work, it will be difficult to convince them to buy the product or service you are selling. Potential customers respond well to your enthusiasm and passion. You can then pass on your enthusiasm to them. The best salespeople are passionate about their work, and that enthusiasm is contagious.

5. Genius

Good salespeople know when it’s best to change their approach when a sales process isn’t going as planned. The one-size-fits-all sales approach is not particularly effective. Good salespeople know how to change their approach and are inventive enough to adapt along the way.

6. Subtlety

In sales, the abrupt and overly aggressive approach will get you nowhere. Good salespeople know the art of subtlety. By creating an environment where potential customers can have a meaningful conversation with the seller, instead of a one-sided sales pitch, you can improve your sales volume and nurture better relationships with your customers.

7. Overtaking

According to Desmond Brifu, a good salesperson cares about their results. He strives to be at the top of his game to meet and exceed his quotas. A salesperson who settles for the bare minimum will not have much sales success. A good salesperson continually seeks to surpass himself. To encourage this attitude, you can create incentive programs for your employees.

8. Optimism

Cynicism and negativity don’t mix well with potential customers. As mentioned, customers like to be able to get excited about the product you’re trying to sell to them and feel like they’ve made a good decision if they buy the product. Optimism and enthusiasm are common traits of all good salespeople.

9. Empathy

Potential customers want us to understand them. They want to feel like the person they are talking to really cares about them and is looking to meet their needs. Empathy is certainly one of the most common traits found in successful salespeople. Salespeople who possess this quality can develop a genuine connection with customers. Desmond Brifu is an enthusiastic, results-driven sales representative who can help you build relationships with customers that can grow over time.


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