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8 Types of Hostels You Should Know About

by Larahostel

We welcome you to be your guide to the different types of hostels you need to know about. We’ve put together a list of the most basic hostels to give you an overview of the variety you can enjoy. If you have ever stayed in a hostel you already know that there are unique or hybrid buildings. Waiting to be discovered. The art of the girl’s hostel is easy with a homely feel

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1. Affordable Hostels

When it comes to cheap hostels even if they are within your budget, we call them cheap hotels. The Cheapest hostels refer to the cheapest accommodation in the city. Often the service and facilities are not high quality but the prices are very low and often the location is not in the city center. You can identify this with a very clear reference

2. Home Atmosphere & Convenient Hostel

It shines most reflectively on the hotels located there. This type of accommodation is probably one of the most comfortable you will find. It is immediately felt and makes you feel more like a home than paid accommodation. It has a kitchen that you can use as well as a real living room and many other small details. They make a place feel like home. It looks and feels like your home

3. Luxury Hostels

Various names are used to describe a luxury hotel. A boutique hostel is a very design-conscious category that joins a competitive space in the hospitality world. It is well-designed accommodation but still on a budget. This establishment gives you extra comfort and most of the time it has an interesting story to tell. Like the comfortable accommodation facilities in luxury hostels, the rent per person can be exorbitant, and more specifically, it can charge up to 15,000 per person.

4. Traditional Youth Hostels

Traditional hostels are generally more suitable for young people but these traditional hostels are very helpful for them to indulge in other activities like dance, fun, singing, and celebration as these hostels have a lot of activities and not too many rules are imposed. Give the feeling staying in traditional hostels are ideal for large groups such as school trips and team-building weekends, but can also be a great way to meet new friends if you’re a solo traveler.

5. Activity Hostel

Such hostels are located next to any major activity in the area. This type of backpacker hostel lifestyle can also be used for active travelers and they offer accommodation according to the specific type of activities they offer.

6. Adventure Hostels

Adventure Hostels are usually the most educated lodges for tourism. They can organize daily or weekly activities like guided treks, songs, and more. Adventurers are a great place to meet like-minded travelers if you’re interested in active recreation. Sometimes they’re less accessible than other resorts, so check transportation options in advance.

7. Eco-Friendly Hostels

Eco-friendly hotels are known as the most eco-friendly hotels that aim to operate in a sustainable manner

They use practices like efficient energy use and waste minimization, composting, and subsistence farming. They sometimes allow guests to volunteer as a way to learn or develop skills related to sustainability. Some are urban while others are located in rural areas. It tends to attract people who want to eat and drink.

8. Traditional Hostels

Historic cultural hotels are ideal for architecture and history buffs or travelers who want a more elegant stay than the typical standard type. These awards are often located in historic old towns or have architecturally unique and or significant modern hotels that may disturb the beauty in these areas. Does not require much updating or maintenance


Whatever your taste or your budget, there is sure to be an accommodation category for you in the above accommodation category. All 10 categories are included in Lara Womens Hostel in Coimbatore You can see the listing property details Browse guest reviews and photos to get a feel for which category it falls under You can explore our guide below to know more about hotels or Lara Enjoy your travels more

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