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6 Quirky Wedding Themes You Might Want To Incorporate In Your Ceremony

by Bianca Banda

Typically, movies and the media portray weddings as formal events where everyone wears a suit and evening gown. It’s as if incorporating a black-tie theme is the norm that all ceremonies must follow. But today, wedding themes are slowly becoming more creative and unique–following the taste and style of the couples. 

Frankly, not everyone loves to dress formally. Some don’t even feel comfortable wearing dresses or silk materials too tight on the skin. Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate your special day if everyone is happy and cosy at the event and in what they’re wearing, too? 

Deciding on a theme for your wedding can be challenging, especially when you start considering things like your guests’ opinions and preferability. Of course, every couple would like to host their wedding ceremony as seamless and entertaining as possible. But thinking and wanting things to be too perfect only takes the fun out of your wedding plans.

Relax your shoulders and release the tension between your eyebrows because this article will suggest quirky wedding themes to make your ceremony fun. If you’re tired of the typical and classic wedding themes that most weddings follow, here are six fun wedding themes that could work for you. 


1 – Bow and tie dress code (style it the way you want to)

I know that wearing a bow and tie at weddings is the usual attire men wear. But have you seen women use a bow or a tie as an accessory to their outfits? Today, matching blazers and slacks fits have become popular among women. If you still want to follow a black-tie dress code but with a twist, you can require that all wear a bow or a tie to their attire–including women.

It would be fun to see how creative your family and friends could go in styling a polka-dot bowtie. You could also require a specific colour for your bow and tie theme. If you want the colour to be uniform, I suggest going for dark tones that are easy to style, such as a burgundy wedding tie. 

Wouldn’t it be interesting to incorporate a theme like this? It’s quirky but still leans to the formal side that doesn’t require your guests to stress about what to wear. 


2 – Greek mythology theme

If you and your partner love greek mythology, why don’t you incorporate it into your wedding? It would be nice to assign a specific god and goddess to your best man and maid of honour and style them similarly. Your guests can choose any gods and goddesses that they like. 

It might be too pressuring for your guests to dress exactly like their chosen Greek god or goddess. So to make things easier for them, you can just require them to wear an accessory representing their character. It can be as simple as a headdress or jewellery. 

You can also ask your guests who their characters will be if you like to prepare customised name tags for the reception. Again, it’s your wedding ceremony, so you get to make the rules. 


3 – Sports theme wedding

Often, wedding themes follow the bride’s interests and personality. It’s rare to see wedding ceremonies that incorporate the groom’s preferences. But if you and your partner share a love for sports, why don’t you make that shared interest your wedding theme?

You don’t necessarily have to set a specific sport if you want. But if you and your fiance love basketball, why don’t you make your guests wear their favourite team’s jersey? Wouldn’t it be fun to see a sea of different basketball or baseball teams at your ceremony?

To make it look uniform, you can require them to wear a specific attire beneath the jersey if you want. But if you and your fiance are up for a casual and sporty wedding day, no one’s stopping you!


4 – 80s style wedding theme

If you want a colourful and striking wedding theme, maybe you’re looking to incorporate an 80s style. If you fancy having big hairstyles, oversized loop earrings, and acid-washed jeans, this is the theme that might fit you. It would be fun if the lads could wear wigs to incorporate big brushed-up hair like the men of the 80s used to have. 

If you and your fiance still want to follow a formal wear dress code, you can just style your guests’ dresses into puffy, cupcake-like cuts to stay true to your theme. On the other hand, the gents could wear skinny high-waist slacks with a tucked-in glimmery polo like the style of Michael Jackson. 

Whatever 80s trend you’d like to incorporate, don’t underestimate how fun it would be to follow the big, puffy hairstyles for a quirky wedding theme. 


5 – Rodeo or country theme

If you or your fiance grew up on a farm or in the countryside, the chances you take pride in country style are high. Or maybe, you both met at a rodeo show; hence, it became a significant style for both of you. Or it could be as simple as you want your wedding to follow a rodeo or country theme.

Whatever the reason is, choosing this theme is a quirky idea to incorporate. Wearing country boots and hats would be fun to have in your ceremony. You can also design your rites area like a country farm. 

Undoubtedly, you and your guests will have the best time singing along to the famous country song hits that will make your special day extra fun. 


6 – Golf club wedding theme

Last but not least is a golf club wedding theme. Many people found their life-long partners in a golf club. Some had their first date playing golf. Or maybe, others confessed their love and proposed after playing this favourite hobby. There are many possible reasons people could incorporate this theme. It could even be as simple as because they like it. 

Can you imagine what your bridesmaids would look like in a polo shirt, golf skirt, cap, and white rubber shoes? I can, and I can assure you they’ll look gorgeous. It would also be great if your lads could wear the same fits and accessories in a different colour. 

Each of them could also hold a golf club for your photoshoots. When incorporating this theme, you might want to have one round of the game during your reception dinner. 


Go for a theme that has significant meaning to you and your fiance–and don’t forget to make it a little quirky. 

Hopefully, my six suggestions will help you finalise your wedding theme.  If you still can’t decide what kind of theme to go for, here’s my final tip. Look for a movie, song, sport, food or event that has significant meaning to you and your fiance. From there, try to add some quirky details that you’re comfortable incorporating into your wedding. Good luck and best wishes!


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Rael Brook, a menswear retailer from London providing quality shirts and accessories in a range of colours, designs, and fabrics, to men across the globe. 

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