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5 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Visit Europe in 2023

by MooreMiya


Oh, Europe. So tiny, yet so rich and diverse. And by richness, we mean the historical, cultural, and aesthetical heritage this continent has accumulated over the centuries. Indeed, Europe is one of the best travel destinations on everyone’s bucket list. But why? What makes Europe so unique, and why should you spend your time, money, and energy visiting this gods’ warm place? In this article, we will provide you with five undeniable reasons why you should visit Europe in 2023 and what you should expect from your European getaway. So, let’s go.

This is just the beginning. If you’re planning a summer trip to Europe, you should know many more things. Summer trips to top European destinations offer many things to do and see. The history of Europe will be everywhere you go, no matter where you are in Europe. You have many options for travel, from architecture to unique cities to festivals to European nightlife.


European Climate Screams “Travel”


The milder temperatures make it easier to travel around Europe during the day. You can expect the best and most sunny weather on the continent during this season. Summer is the best season to visit Europe if you prefer summer to winter travel. It would be best if you stuck to June, July, or August to get the most from your trip.

Tourists love to travel to Europe in July and August because of the beautiful weather and their vacations.

August is the busiest month. French and Italian tourists travel to Europe’s major cities and seaside resorts this month. Hotels are often full, especially in August. If you’re planning on traveling to Europe in August, booking your trip early in the summer is a good idea. You can also schedule a camping trip to Europe with your friends or family.


Europe Means No More Borders

The days of crossing country borders to stamp your passport and then waiting in line are long gone.

It would be fun if you had many stamps on your ticket. But, be content that the EU can be treated like one country. Ireland is the only country with border controls, apart from a few southeastern and eastern countries that recently joined the EU.

You can drive, take the train or walk across borders within most of Europe’s continent (in the Schengen Area). You can go from Germany to Austria by train from France or take a bus trip between Spain and Portugal. With just one ETIAS visa waiver, you can visit more than five countries at once (if not all of them). Wow, Europe. You never fail to amaze us!


Gastronomic Paradise for Foodies

You’ve indeed gained an appetite after all that walking.

Fall marks not only the end of the tourist season but also the end of the growing season. You’re invited to join the harvesting of farmers’ labor.

Food and drink celebrations brighten autumn’s grayer days, from pepper festivals in France to Oktoberfest in Germany. Do not worry if the weather turns gloomy; falling rain is good news for forest fungi. People hunt wild mushrooms and truffles. And – BANG! – the culinary world has never been more diverse. These savory dishes can be topped with roasted chestnuts and Armagnac. C’est Bon.


Get Lost in the Path of History

Europe’s civilization has existed for many years. The continent has the buildings to prove that. These cities are ancient. Many buildings are more senior than 2,000 years old, particularly in Rome. You should pay attention to the architecture around you and visit museums. Take lots of photos! These cities are living reminders of the past. They are full of stories that wait to be told.

Europe has so many cultural treasures.

You can take a walk up the Acropolis to think like Socrates. You could also get lost on the cobblestone streets of Prague’s Old Town. You could also hike among the UNESCO-accredited Italian fishing communities of Cinque Terre, Italy. You’ll have a unique historical experience no matter where you go.


Traveling to Europe is Cheap

European budget airlines have revolutionized European travel, and you can take advantage. Many European budget airlines like EuroWings, Ryanair, Easyjet, or Wizz Air can connect to almost all European cities. Search Skyscanner to find cheap flights to Europe. You can set your country to view prices in your currency, but you will need to pay in cash your airline or starting airport is in.

One-way flights are often available for less than 50 euros, tax included, especially if you book several months or more in advance. There is no penalty for booking round-trip flights, unlike significant airlines. Click here to see their interactive route maps. Finding new destinations is possible, but you should be able to identify which airport it is. Although some airports are far from the city center, they are easily accessible by shuttle bus.



In this article, we have presented a list of five undeniable reasons why you should visit Europe in 2023. Europe is a diverse continent. Many attractions include the luxurious beach and rugged mountaineering excursions in the Alps. This is a popular destination for tourists to visit in any season, especially during the summer. It is the peak season for tourists visiting this beautiful country, as the summer months are busy. Even though summers can be hot in Europe, millions of tourists plan their trips to all the capital cities during this season, so why not you?

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