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5 Signs You Need an Industrial Marketing Agency

by StratMg

Is your manufacturing company contemplating hiring a marketing agency? Well, if yes, it is a common situation. Often, manufacturing agencies find it difficult to generate quality leads without the help of a professional marketing agency. However, at the same time, they also find it difficult to find a marketing partner that truly understands their needs and goals.

In all truth, finding the right industrial marketing agency is not easy. You need an agency that has previous experience working in your specific domain to ensure they can offer the best outcomes for your business. But before you begin your search for your marketing agency, you need to determine if you actually require their services or not. Sometimes, shaking things up internally can help you kick-start your marketing activities.

So, here are the top five signs that will help you identify if you actually need an industrial marketing company or not.

1.  Your Marketing Results have Flatlined

It might be true that you have already made a couple of internal changes to boost your marketing efforts. However, if you still feel that you are just beating your head against a wall, then it is time to look for help outside.
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At this point, a professional marketing agency will help you identify your blind spots. They will find out what is wrong with your marketing campaigns or why are they not generating the desired results. They will also come up with new technologies and ideas that can help your teams to align around shared goals and obtain results.

2.  You are yet to Embrace Digital Marketing

In today’s competitive era, if you are still not using any digital tactics, it is a tell-tale sign that you have fallen behind the times. Even right now, many of your competitors in the manufacturing industry are using digital marketing strategies that are giving them a unique advantage.

For instance, let’s consider email marketing. Email marketing has become a primary channel of communication between businesses and their prospects. It allows you to engage your target audience while persuading them to take an action. And if your manufacturing business is not leveraging this marketing tactic, you are certainly in need of some professional guidance.

3.  Most of Your Business Communication is Still Managed Manually

One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is the fact that so many of your marketing activities can be automated. Manufacturers marketing automation is an excellent way to push your prospects further down the funnel by offering the right content at the right time.

Many manufacturers worry that adopting automation may eliminate that personalized touch. And that is surely a genuine concern. But with intelligent segmentation and automation, you can certainly offer a better and more personalized experience to your prospects, turning them into loyal customers.

4.  You Lack Materials to Educate Prospects All Through the Buyers Journey

As a manufacturing company, your prospects have a lot to learn about your business, your products, and services, your work ethics, etc. before they become paying customers. And for this, every manufacturer needs to produce high-quality, relevant, and informational content that educates prospective buyers.

Great content that adds value to the prospects is also a massive differentiator between you and your competition. But often, manufacturers feel lost when it comes to generating such content.

A professional marketing agency can help you in such a scenario. They can help you identify the subjects that would have the maximum impact. All this will boost your marketing efforts.

5.  Your Sales Team Constantly Complains about Lead Quality

If you find that your sales team is constantly complaining about the quality of leads that they get from your marketing department, it means something is grossly wrong. This depicts a sign of a lack of coordination and mismanagement between the two teams.

While the precise goals of both these teams will always differ, there are also some similarities. And you must identify these similarities and propel them to the fore.

With an experienced marketing agency by your side, you can help these two teams come in alignment with each other and work towards the shared goals. A good agency can help you identify the KPIs that the sales and marketing teams can agree on and work together to improve. This will ensure highly qualified leads for your business.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing your marketing struggles to a good and reputed agency can help you save valuable time and focus on your core business activities. The agency can work to boost your marketing efforts and solidify your reputation as a thought industry leader.

StratMg is among the leading industrial marketing agencies that can help you grow your manufacturing business. It works with a pool of expert marketers that can deploy customized marketing tactics to boost your company’s bottom line.

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