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5 explainer video ideas that industry experts vouch for

by visualbest

Explainer Video Ideas for Industries

Attention is the new oil!

If you have the attention of your customers…congrats…you’re on the path to success.

Think of any YouTube or Instagram influencers, and you will know what we are talking about. Those influencers have created hours and hours of content regularly to reach where they’re today.

As a business, following this path can be a bit costly.

Don’t worry; here’s a smart solution. We’re talking about EXPLAINER VIDEOS.

What’s that?

It is a short video that businesses create for sales or marketing purposes. In those videos, they talk about service, product, or business in a simple yet compelling way.

Do I need to learn video editing?

Where do I start from?

Is the video equipment too costly?

Perhaps these questions are coming to your mind. Well, the good news is that an explainer video company in India will do this job for you. And that too on a budget.

Still, it always helps to discuss with them the type of script you want for the video. We’re here to help you in the process.

In the next section, we will unveil five script ideas that industry experts vouch for.

Idea #1: Let an animated character do the job

People love animation. The colourful yet simple animated videos ease up your viewers’ brains. It also catches the attention of anyone browsing through a ton of videos. Ask your explainer video company to create an animated character for your brand. Who knows, that character might become your brand ambassador.

Idea #2: Show your customer’s journey

Let the viewers imagine themselves using your product or service. Do so by showing a customer’s journey. Show how his/her life got better after choosing your brand. The simpler the presentation will be, the better the impact it will have. You can either go the animation route or hire real-life actors. The explainer video companies have tons of stock videos that they edit to create such videos. And they usually own the rights to do so…meaning you need not worry about any copyright issues.

Idea #3: Comparison video

You can do it in two ways.

1. You compare two products. First, is a random generic product from the category you deal into. Second, YOUR PRODUCT. Show the unique features & benefits that the generic products lack in the comparison video. Use bold & dynamic typography to engage the viewers.

2. You compare two characters. The first character is the one who uses your product in a specific situation or daily life. And the second one doesn’t. Show how the life of the first one gets better than the second one by doing so. Many brands prefer animated video for comparisons.

Idea #4: Show how your product is made

Created an innovative product? Tell the world about it. Show how it is made using cutting-edge tech. People love a good BTS video around a new or an existing product. It adds to the authenticity of the brand. And it tells them what makes you different from others.

Well, they don’t have to be those 1-hour long videos of big factories. Even a 30-second video works well if done right. Showcase that unique technology, latest materials, or other USPs in that duration. Again, a reliable explainer video company in India will shoot & edit it to make it professional & engaging.

Idea #5: Don’t add audio narration

An explainer video, by default, has a narration around the product or service. You can do something different. Create an intriguing video, add dramatic music, and use an animated video to share your message. This gives you a chance to stand out from the ocean of videos available on the internet.

Hiring the best explainer video company

We hope you’ve found these ideas interesting. You can blend in multiple ideas to further enhance your explainer video. An expert will do it seamlessly on your behalf. Now comes the real challenge: Hiring the best explainer video company. Follow these tips to choose a team worth trusting.

1. Read the reviews: Every company posts testimonials of their past clients on the website. Reading them is a wise idea. You can go a step further, and read reviews that the clients post on Google. It’s okay if there are one-two negative reviews. If the quantity is more than that, then try to avoid them.

2. Go through their portfolio: The portfolio of the explainer videos is also available on their official website. If not, ask them to send it via email. Check all the aspects of those videos – video quality, audio quality, editing, style, etc.

3. Ask about the turnaround time: Many video editing services delay your video indefinitely. We bet you don’t want this to happen. Avoid such scenarios by getting the timeline in writing.

4. Check the qualification of the team: You will find many newbies offering explainer video services at very low prices. Most of them lack the creativity & technical expertise needed for creating such videos. The final result looks more like a school project than professional marketing material. It always helps to look at the qualification & experience of those who will work on your project.

5. Tell them about your business: This is something you need to do after hiring the service provider. Tell them about your business goals, target customers, brand personality, and all major aspects. The more they know about your business, the better the video they will create.

We hope these tips help you find the right team for an explainer video.

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