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4 Interesting Court Cases That Law Students Should Know About

by ranjeetsingh

In India, several levels of courts are available; each one will face various kinds of cases every day. But among those cases, some will be more different and become a history that every law student should know. All the colleges for law in Bangalore and all other major cities will teach law students about these cases. All those cases will have some critical judgment or may have created a massive sensation throughout the country. Due to the importance of those cases and to know about the handling way, all law students should know about some famous issues in the Indian court history.

Many cases are available at all stages of court, and learning about these past cases will help the students learn about the laws and tactics that allow them to save their clients. Many lawyers habitually read old court cases to learn more about different judgements and trial details. These kinds of research will help them in several ways, and many other benefits are also available with this practice. All the law colleges in India will insist their students learn about the histories of various cases with different judgements. So, these are some points about the important court cases and their details.

Top interesting court cases for law students

Though many cases are available in our Indian courts, some are more interesting. Some historical cases have had interesting trail records and judgements that are useful for current law students to know more about those kinds of cases. So, some of the exciting cases available with Indian courts in history are

  • M. Nanavati Vs State of Maharashtra (1959)
  • State of Orissa Vs Ram Bahadur Thapa(1959)
  • Mathura rape case
  • Kesavananda Bharti Vs State of Kerala

So, these are some of the top 4 exciting cases available in the history of Indian courts. Each of these cases has different trial details and judgements that make these cases more unique and exciting. Students who study in all the best law colleges in bangalore for ba llb will know about these cases, their judgement details, and other primary details.

K.M. Nanavati Vs State of Maharashtra(1959)

In this case, K.M. Nanavati is a naval officer who killed his wife’s lover, Prem Ahuja. So, the case was to find that this murder was a crime of passion or pre-meditated murder. For the crime of passion, the person will get a sentence of ten years; for pre-meditated murder, it’s life imprisonment. In this case, K.M. Nanavati pleaded not guilty, and the final verdict was in favour of him. Later it was cancelled by the Bombay high court.

Sate of Orissa Vs Ram Bahadur Thapa(1959)

In this case, Ram Bahadur Thapa was a servant of Chatterjee bros. Frim in Calcutta. They have gone to a village in the Balasore district of Orissa to purchase zero scraps from an abandoned airfield outside the town. Though some people say that place is haunted and at the time they visit, they see some shadow under the tree and Thapa attacked them with his khukuri but they ware local Adivasi ladies gathering flowers. Due to the misunderstanding, they made blenders and declared that their action resulted from a stern belief in ghosts.

Mathura rape case

It is one of the most famous cases where Mathura, a tribal woman, was raped by two Desai Ganji police station constables. The court provided judgement as they were not guilty due to various reasons. But after that, many protests were started by people, which made many changes to the rape law.

Kesavananda Bharti Vs State of Kerala

In this case, Swami Kesavananda Bharti runs a Hindu mutt in Edneer, Kerala and the state government needs to appropriate the land from Bharati. So, he filed a petition saying that religious institutions have the right to run their business and other activities without government interference. But the government invoked article 31, and the court-appointed a bench of 13 judges to solve the problem. Later the case was in favour of Bharti.


So, these are some points people need to know about the interesting cases that every law student needs. Students who are choosing law courses in Bangalore and all other cities will get to know about all these cases in detail.

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