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3 Ways You Can Reinvent MAPLE VALLEY FENCE

Three Ways to Reimagine the Maple Valley Fence

by bellevuefencing

Fences have been around for a long time and have been used for many purposes. More often than not, fences are installed in order to make the boundaries of one’s property more visually appealing as opposed to keeping people out or animals in. In this article, we’ll be discussing three ways you can reinvent MAPLE VALLEY FENCE.

In order to truly make your fence stand out, you need to think outside the conventional box and take a few risks.

  • Adding lights around your fence can really make it stand out at night and give it that “wow” factor.
  • You can also add various color accent pieces in order to draw attention to certain areas of your fence; however, make sure the colors contrast with that of your fence. 
  • Another great way to reinvent MAPLE VALLEY FENCE is by adding privacy screening to certain sections of your fence. Have you ever seen an office building made up of glass windows? The only thing that separates you from the office is the glass, with nothing but air in between. This allows for maximum visibility, but at the same time it allows for maximum privacy. You can use this concept on your fence, especially if you have neighbors who like to peer over into your yard. 
  • This can be taken to a whole new level by installing glass panels in order to allow for views into your yard while permitting privacy. 
  • The last way to reinvent MAPLE VALLEY FENCE is by adding a wreath or custom canopy. These can really be a great addition to your fence to draw attention to various sections of your fence. You can use these as a focal point for doorways, places where children play, or as an extension of your fence for privacy. ​

Fences that can be reinvented easily.

Fences are used to separate fields in most agricultural and landscaping operations, but the fences today are not very practical for a number of reasons. They can be bulky, difficult to install, require extra maintenance every now and then, or suddenly fall down leaving you with a mess on your hands. 


Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences have been around for years, being utilized for various purposes. They are made up of strong steel wires held together by sturdy posts and end caps, typically found in sports fields. But chain-link fences can also be seen in residential yards, where they separate gardens with their bright colors and utility. 

Adding such a fence to your garden can transform the look of your space and provide you with privacy as well.

With the help of a couple of friends, you can easily install a chain link fence in your backyard or garden. First, lay down the posts, making sure that they are evenly spaced. 

Connect each post together with wire, stretching it tightly between them. Then you’ll need to cut the top of each post so that they stick out through the wires and serve as “end caps”. At the bottom, you can simply leave the wires loose and let them fall into the grass.

Step of fencing ready

Now that your fence is almost ready, it’s time to decide on a color. You can use spray paint or a brush to add some color to your fence and allow it to blend in with your garden or backyard. For additional style, you can also cut out interesting shapes using old fabric and hang them on your fence for a pop of color.

When working with chain link fences, remember that the colors you choose need to be bright and bold. Also, make sure that your fence is secure enough to last for a number of years. 

This fence is perfect for keeping children and pets safe from falling out of your yard or garden.

The biggest advantage of using a chain link fence is its ability to easily fit into any space and area. Thus, you won’t have to worry about opting for a more expensive fence that will only last for a few months.

Instead, you can use these wire fences at an affordable price and use them when you renovate your existing home or backyard area.


Free Standing Fence

Free standing fences are often used by gardeners and farmers to place split-rail fencing as they are functional and economical in designs. 

It serves as a barrier between the plant rows in the ground and will allow you to keep the weeds out of your plants.

If you are planning to plant a vegetable garden at home, you’ll need to keep the weeds out of it. MAPLE VALLEY FENCESplit-rail fences are a great choice for keeping the weeds out as they use very little space and will work perfectly for keeping the unwanted plants away from your plants.

Instead of spending money on building a fence, you can easily use split rail fencing by laying down wooden rails in place and driving metal T posts in to hold it. 

Keep the split-rail fences a few inches away from where you actually want to plant your plants, so that animals can’t get through to your plants. MAPLE VALLEY FENCE You can also place a gate at the end of the fence to allow access in and out.

These types of fences are easy to build, but you need to make sure that they are standing straight and will last for many years. 

If you want something more permanent, then you should consider building brick walls or brick planter boxes for added style and strength.


Bottle Fence

Old plastic bottles can be transformed into beautiful fences, using a little ingenuity and some of your old leftovers. This is a great way to recycle materials, reduce waste, and reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.  

To make your own bottle fence, you will need to gather plenty of plastic bottles, some strong wire or string to hold them together, a pair of scissors or wire cutters, and other miscellaneous accessories such as potted plants.

You can start by searching for friends or neighbors who will be willing to bring you plastic bottles from their home. You can also ask people at local stores if they will save empty bottles for you as well.

If you do not have enough time to collect bottles yourself, then you can always buy them online. You can order them in bulk and have them shipped right to your doorstep, with most of the orders shipping free of charge as well.

Once you have your bottles ready, you can use your scissors to cut the bottoms and side off of each bottle. 

This will allow you to thread a piece of wire or string through it so that the bottles can be held together in a fence-like structure. Now, begin tying up the plastic bottles together with your wire or string and insert potted plants into the openings on each side.

To add a little more style to your fence, you can extend it to make it taller by adding a green trellis made from wire mesh. You can also add garden lights alongside the fence so that the plants you have planted will be lit up at night.

Your bottle fence is now ready for use, and makes great decoration for both inside and outside spaces. 

You can use it at home, but you can also reuse these bottles to create other exciting DIY projects in the near future.


Pallet Fence

If you want a fence for your garden that looks cool and stylish, pallets are the way to go. You can make fences using old wooden pallets, which you can find for free or buy for an affordable price at local home improvement stores. 

You’ll just need to disassemble them first and then build them back up into your own fence.  

First, lay out all of the wooden pieces and make sure that they are straightened out before you begin attaching them together. 

Then use small nails or screws to secure the cross pieces together. If you don’t have enough wooden pieces for your fence, consider using an old wooden bench as one of the support pieces.

Place 2-3 wooden posts into the ground at each corner of your fence, and then nail each post to every other post. You can also use small rocks to add stability if these look a little flimsy. 

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your fence, you can move on to connecting the extra pieces together.

When deciding on the size of your fence, you should make sure that it will be large enough to fit all of the garden plants that you have planned. You can use wood to construct a pallet fence with four-foot boards spaced between eight-inch and sixteen-inch sticks. 

The length of your fence depends on how many garden plants you want to grow in your garden.

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