3 Best Ways To Promote YouTube Videos With AdWords

by Debanjan

Did you know that you can use Google AdWord strategies to promote YouTube videos?

To help you achieve your upper-funnel goals, Google AdWords provides a variety of options for promoting your YouTube videos and generating traffic.

Here is a brief overview of 3 effective Adwords strategies you can use right away to promote your videos.

3 Effective ways To Promote YouTube Videos With Adwords

1. Promote Your Videos Using Demographic and Location Targeting

There’s a good chance that your target audience is already frequently watching videos on YouTube. You should target your audience as specifically as you can if you want to connect with them.

How it operates

Successful ads that draw your target audience to your channel can be produced by using AdWords demographic targeting. Included in these demographics are:

  • Parental Status Gender Age
  • Family Income

Visit the following URL to create a campaign with demographic targeting:

Create a Campaign > Video > Brand Awareness & Reach > People

You would want your audience to reflect that demographic, for instance, if your ideal viewers/customers are Bay Area-based first-time mothers.

By using location targeting, you can further narrow your targeting.

Consider that your videos show new mothers wearing baby clothes with SF Giants themes. Hit those SF Giants-crazy parents in San Francisco by using location-specific targeting.

Young mothers living in the San Francisco region will now see your video advertisements.

Even if this audience is sizable, it is more useful until you have custom audiences that have produced positive results for your video channel. Later, we’ll talk more about bespoke affinities and comparable audiences.

2. Promote YouTube Videos on Other Channels With Placement Targeting

You can use AdWords Placement Targeting to draw viewers from the numerous well-liked YouTube channels that already exist in every conceivable niche.

Investigate the channels and content producers that members of your target audience are interested in. Then, use these channels to promote your own channel with your targeted ads.

Choose YouTube channels under Placements.

Now, you can look up a channel by name or type in a specific YouTube channel or video’s name. I used the keyword “motherhood” to find my target audience of first-time mothers.

The 50.2k subscribers to the Marriage & Motherhood page can now see your videos.

You shouldn’t, however, rely solely on AdWords’ internal search for channel targeting.

Determine which well-known YouTube channels are generating the most engagement with your target market on your own, outside of AdWords. Then use placements to specifically target them.

3. Promote Your Videos to High-Interest Shoppers Using In-Market Audiences

You can advertise your YouTube videos to those who have told Google they intend to buy anything if you want to be even more specific with your targeting.

Utilizing In-Market audiences in AdWords simplifies this process.

How it works: Select In-Market from the Audiences drop-down menu when creating or updating a campaign.

Now, different types of audiences will be shown in AdWords that have indicated to Google that they are interested in buying a product (based on their past behaviour).

You can now advertise your videos to specific audiences who are looking to buy a certain category of goods.


Here are the effective ways by which you can promote YouTube videos and not only that promote YouTube channel with Google adwords. But if you want to promote your video more professionally then you can hire a video marketing service like Video Boosters Club, promozle, etc. They will do your job effectively.

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