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Air hostess | 7 amazing things to know before becoming one!

by Gaurav Dayma


Have you always wanted to take paid trips around the world? This is your chance to realize your dreams! A career as an air hostess is not only fulfilling, but also offers you the chance to explore, grow, and learn. Find out everything in this blog!


Contrary to popular belief, being an air hostess is not an easy job. Yes, you get to travel extensively and interact with people from all over the globe. But you must also be adept at handling challenging circumstances and flexible with your schedule. This blog will provide you with all the information you need to become an air hostess, including information on the top training facilities, programmes, costs, eligibility requirements, salaries, and much more. Let’s start with the fundamentals…


Who are air hostesses?

A member of the aircrew employed by an airline, such as Qatar, Lufthansa, etc., is an air hostess. Their main goal is to make sure that everyone on board the plane is as comfortable and safe as possible. They need to be responsible, self-assured, and disciplined to perform this job well.


What does a flight attendant do?

  • You must always act courteously and presentably as an air hostess.
  • Additionally significant and taken into consideration are physical fitness and good vision.
  • The most important factor is your personality, and you must treat passengers with friendliness.
  • Managing the passengers on board requires effective language and communication skills.
  • In the event of emergency landings, mental clarity is essential. You will learn how to remain composed and deal with agitated onboard passengers in your course. Additionally, you need a strong will to handle challenging circumstances.
  • Additionally, you must function well in a group.
  • Additionally, be ready to put in long hours of work. Weather-related or technological problems frequently cause flight delays, which may result in longer workdays.


The best training programmes for air hostesses include:



North Texas University

The University of North Texas provides a broad view of the aviation industry in addition to beneficial leadership opportunities and practical experience via projects and internships. You can learn from the best because the faculty members are skilled. You can also receive scholarships in addition to this to further your education. The aviation and aerospace industries, which include airlines and aircraft manufacturers, employ great numbers of graduates from this university.


2. South Australian University

The University of South Australia, based in Adelaide, provides students interested in aviation with practical studios and research facilities that meet industry standards. It offers thorough assistance to students and a fun learning environment. After graduating, you have a variety of career options to choose from.


3. Westminster University

One of the top aviation schools in the world is the University of Westminster. You will gain knowledge of air transport economics, operations, and forecasting here, which will present you with several opportunities. International students benefit from a lively experience and are provided with housing and scholarships.


How is a flight attendant chosen?

  • Candidates are typically recruited by airline companies through written exams. Your reasoning and aptitude will be tested by this.
  • The next step is a group discussion where your skills are put to the test, and the last step is an interview where your overall personality is assessed.
  • You will undergo training following selection for the following six months.


Training costs for air hosts

There are three levels of training available:


  • Degree programme
  • Certification programme
  • A diploma programme


Typically, depending on the course, the cost of the training may range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,50,000. It also depends on the training facility, so you should directly ask about the cost at an air hostess academy.


companies that recruit air hostesses

Any of the following airlines will hire you once you have completed your air hostess training at a reputable institution anywhere in the world:


  • Lufthansa
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Britannia Air
  • The airline Delta
  • Vistara, United Air, Cathay Pacific, and others


What did duties fall under the purview of an air hostess?

introducing oneself, showing passengers to their seats, and explaining the rules of the flight.

maintaining the cleanliness and safety features of the aircraft and performing pre-and post-flight inspections.


  • Ensuring that hand luggage is properly stowed away and that all passengers are wearing seat belts.
  • Providing passengers with food and drinks.
  • Making announcements on behalf of the pilot.
  • Getting ready for a flight report.
  • Managing any crisis on board.
  • Delivering passengers with the necessary medical attention.


Provisions and benefits

  • When you work as an air hostess, you can travel to many places.
  • Additionally, you get to stay in some of the world’s top hotels.
  • Other benefits of the job include flexible schedules, medical insurance, and discounts on airline tickets.
  • benefits for retirement, etc.


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