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Increase self-worth by clearing your Akashic Records

by jordanstanley

Akashic Records: All the good you receive in your life depends on your self-worth, which is the source of manifestation. Self-worth comes from within. You do not have to fight it alone, though. You can enlist the assistance of loved ones, close friends, and even God. Your soul mission in this lifetime will be accomplished if you embrace who you truly are, own it, and act from that space.

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You have the chance to reach your highest divine potential through Akashic Record Healings and Readings. You can effortlessly boost your self-worth by reading your spirit’s blueprint. One of the best and most effective ways to assess someone’s and your own self-worth is through an Akashic Records Reading.

What Are Akashic Records? 

Akashic records reading are like a library of past life information, although you can’t see them. While you are third-dimensional and experiencing life in your physical body, they are seated in the fifth-dimensional realm. In the fourth dimension, you have feelings and experiences, and the spiritual worlds are reached in the fifth dimension. There are the Akashic records.


They function similarly to an energetic database containing data on every individual, soul, and lifetime. Therefore, if you believe in previous incarnations, you should also believe in every decision a soul made in a past life and every result that decision had since the beginning of creation.

How To Get Into The Akashic Records? 

The most straightforward approach to accessing the Akashic Records is by using your own thoughts and imagination, and anyone can do it. That’s the very important point: the Akashic Records Reading are now much more generally recognize, and that’s because everyone is gradually becoming more receptive to spirituality and these things that are available to you as you become more conscious worldwide and as a culture.


Being aware of your decisions, the decisions being made by the earth, and what is occurring. You can access your own Akashic Records only if you are conscious. There weren’t many highly conscious people in existence back in the day. Everyone was still dealing with their instincts to flee and fight. But it was mostly about ensuring your safety and security, taking care of your family, remaining in your tribe, and obtaining food. Very simple information.


Self-Worth & Akashic Records

Self-worth determines the energy you bring, the charm, the purposefulness, the understanding, the self-assurance, and the seamless comfort with which you express the truth without having to prove anything. It also describes the conditions you create for yourself and the people you touch.



You only need to show up and pay attention. To be present, listen to your words, and absorb the energy, those who are a match to the frequency you are sending out will be drawn and beckoned.




Wrap Up: 

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