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13 Best Things To Do In Pine Bluff

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Pine Bluff is a city in Southeast Arkansas with a rich history and culture. It’s also home to several museums, parks, and other attractions that are worth exploring during your next visit. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things to do in the city below: Book your round-trip flight tickets now for the best deals and offers.

Visit the Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas

The Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas is a cultural hub that hosts many events and activities, including art exhibits, concerts, plays, and more. The center is located in a historic building that was once the courthouse where Abraham Lincoln spoke during his circuit riding days. The collection of artwork can be viewed by appointment only. Call (870) 535-8094 for more information about visiting this beautiful building and its collections.

Explore Lake Saracen Park

Lake Saracen Park is a large park located on the shores of Lake Saracen in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The park is great for many kinds of outdoor activities including fishing, boating, and swimming. Visitors can also enjoy hiking along one of the park’s trails or renting paddle craft at one of the designated areas around the lake. There are several picnic tables throughout the park where you can sit back and relax or have a picnic with your family and friends.
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You will find ample parking at Lake Saracen Park; however, it can fill up quickly on weekends so plan if you are visiting during peak times like summertime when school is out. If you want to avoid having to drive around looking for an empty spot then consider taking advantage of Pine Bluff Transit’s free shuttle service that goes through downtown Pine Bluff and stops at different parks within walking distance from each other so people don’t have to worry about parking their cars while they’re enjoying themselves outdoors!

See the Arkansas Railroad Museum

Located in the old train depot, this museum has some interactive exhibits that allow you to learn about the history of railroads in Arkansas. The museum is open from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm daily and is located on Main Street.

Visit Regional Park Amphitheater

The Regional Park Amphitheater is a great place to see a concert, but it’s also a haven for those who love the outdoors. The amphitheater has picnic tables and grills, as well as playground equipment for children. There are also walking trails that lead around the park, plus tennis courts where you can shoot some hoops or play doubles with friends.

Enjoy Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Historical Museum

Located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Historical Museum is home to an impressive collection of artifacts and documents about the history of the area. The museum is open to the public seven days a week from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. The admission fee for adults is $2.50, while children 12 years old and younger can enjoy free admission.

Pine Bluff has a rich history that stretches back more than 200 years. The museum features exhibits on various aspects of this history including local military figures like Lieutenant James Allen who played an important role during World War I; local Native American tribes such as the Quapaw Tribe (a branch of Sioux); early settlers such as John Reed who arrived in 1819; important events that took place during both World Wars as well as other wars fought by American troops over time; African Americans who settled here after escaping slavery on plantations elsewhere in Louisiana Territory or further south along with freed slaves escaping bondage through Mississippi River boat travel; plus much more!

Shop at The Mall at Turtle Creek

The Mall at Turtle Creek is a large indoor shopping mall that spans over 400,000 square feet. The mall has over 100 stores, including anchor stores Dillard’s, JCPenney, and Sears. There are also several smaller shops for you to explore. The food court offers fast food options like Chick-Fil-A and Panda Express, as well as sit-down restaurants like Red Lobster and Olive Garden. You can even have dinner while watching a movie at the mall’s theater!

Located on Highway 7 North in Pine Bluff (just off Interstate 530), the mall is easily accessible from all directions by car or bus. If you choose to drive to the mall instead of taking public transportation there is plenty of free parking available in its large parking lot.

Go to the Pines Mall Shopping Center

  • Go to the Pines Mall Shopping Center.
  • The Pines Mall is a large shopping center with stores and restaurants located in the heart of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The mall has over 100 stores, including anchors like JCPenney, Sears, Dil, and lards. Many smaller shops can be found inside the mall as well such as Victoria’s Secret, Foot Locker, and Bath & Body Works.
  • You can also find many local restaurants within walking distance from your car if you have some time during your visit to take a break from shopping or running errands!

Attend a performance at Pine Bluff Convention Center

If you’re looking for something to do that’s right in town, look no further than the Pine Bluff Convention Center. The convention center is home to a large theater that seats over 1,000 people and hosts various events throughout the year. It’s also a great place to see live music or go see your favorite play or musical!

Visit the Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame

If you’re interested in learning more about Arkansas’ rich history of entertainment and the people who have made significant contributions to the industry, then you should pay a visit to the Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame. Located on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, this museum honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to entertainment.

The hall is open to the public and features an exhibit with photos of inductees, as well as information about them and their accomplishments in various fields such as acting, producing, directing, and songwriting. The gift shop offers an assortment of items including DVDs featuring those enshrined in its collection.

Stroll through the Downtown Pine Bluff Historic District

The Pine Bluff Historic District is a community of historic buildings, homes, and sites that have been preserved. There are several museums in this area as well as attractions such as the Rose Garden and a walking tour through the downtown area.

The first settlement was started in 1829 by Daniel Boone’s brother-in-law, who led a party to explore land south of the Red River. They found Native Americans who were friendly and willing to trade with them so they decided to stay near present-day downtown Pine Bluff. In 1836 Arkansas became part of the United States after Texas was annexed into it; thus bringing about statehood for both states. The following year saw many settlers heading westward toward this part of Arkansas because news spread quickly about how good it was here due to its fertile soil and plentiful wildlife population such as deer, turkey & quail birds plus fish from nearby streams & rivers (including Big Sandy Creek).

Go to Lake Langhofer Park and Marina

Lake Langhofer Park and Marina is a man-made lake that has a boat launch, fishing pier, and picnic area. The park also includes an open space where you can hike on nature trails or play on the beach.

Play a round at River Oaks Golf Course

Pine Bluff is home to the oldest golf course in Arkansas, River Oaks Golf Course. This par 72 course was established in 1949 and has a rating of 71.4 and a slope of 136. It is also the home of the Arkansas Golf Hall of Fame. If you’re looking for a great place to play a round, this is it!

Spend some time with nature at Sandy Beach Recreational Area

Sandy Beach Recreational Area is a great place to spend the day. This park has picnic tables and an extensive boat launch, making it perfect for families with children who enjoy swimming and fishing. There’s also a playground, so if you’re traveling with younger kids or just want to take a breather, this spot is ideal!

Pine Bluff is one of Arkansas’ cultural hub cities, so there are several things to see, do and experience during a visit here!

Pine Bluff is one of Arkansas’ cultural hub cities, so there are several things to see, do and experience during a visit here!

  • The city has several museums and galleries that showcase the history of the area.
  • Pine Bluff has a vibrant arts and culture scene. You can find local art at various galleries around town.
  • There are lots of historical sites in Pine Bluff, including Old Main Street Museum downtown, which tells the story of how this once-thriving riverfront town became what it is today; or visit the Battleship Cove Museum where you’ll learn about Arkansas’ role in World War II, or visit the Clinton House Museum where you can tour an 1886 Victorian house with original furnishings from that period.


Pine Bluff is one of Arkansas’ cultural hub cities, so there are several things to see, do and experience during a visit here! Want to rent a car click here for the best car rental deals.

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