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10 Types of Business Writing You Should Master

by calltutors587

Did you ever look at your company’s newsletter and notice that they printed “there” when they should have printed “their”?

Perhaps you have received an informal email from a colleague and thought, “Wow. It was not professional.

Or you have skimmed a memo so dense with technical jargon, that you don’t know what you were seeing.

Writing and reading are essential skills in business. Employees can become lazy because there are so many different types of business writing.

We have one tip to help you stand out among the rest: Learn different types of business writing. Learn as many business writing styles as possible.

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These are the 10 types of business writing you should master.

1. Emails

Why are they important?

Emails are the most popular type of business writing. The Emails have taken over face-to-face meetings in many business situations. Emails are a great way to present yourself professionally.

It’s easy to become sloppy with your emails since they are so common. Don’t forget to email colleagues and not your friends. Use capital letters and correct pronunciation. A spell check is a good idea.


2. Reports

Why are they important?

Do you remember writing book reports in your native language in high school?

These reports were, for the most part, objective. You explained the contents of the book. You might have had to add your opinion depending on your grade.


3. Memos

Why are they important?

Memoranda (also known as “memos”) are short messages that you send to people to share your thoughts about a topic. A memo can be written to express gratitude or update someone on the progress of a project.

Memos are more difficult than other types of business writing because they are shorter and more informal. You should be professional.


4. Handbooks

Why are they important?

Your boss may ask you to help create an employee handbook once you have become a valued, trusted employee.

It’s not creative or cutesy. It’s quite straightforward. It is important to clearly explain the procedures to employees so they can understand your company’s policies after reading your manual.


5. Newsletters

Why are they important?

Many companies send newsletters out bi-monthly or monthly.

You can either volunteer for this project or you will be given it. Writing a newsletter is a fun way to impress your boss.

Newsletters can be written in a journalistic style. You can write about the employee of the month, the important projects that the company has completed, and the big events in the future.


6. Press releases

Why are they important?

You’re likely to write a press release if you work in marketing or advertising.

Press releases are announcements that announce events or new products. These press releases can be published online or in newspapers.


7. Meeting agendas

Why are they important?

Let’s face it, no one loves meetings.

Meetings are often too long and do little. The leader of the meeting drones on. Or the members wander off on tangents. Meetings can be made more productive in a multitude of ways.

Your department can ask you to help create a meeting agenda. A printed agenda will make it easier for everyone to adhere to the topic.


8. Inventory trackers

Why are they important?

Inventory trackers are a common tool for distribution and shipping employees.

You have a good chance of tracking your inventory with a program like Microsoft Excel. You don’t need any English skills to accomplish this task.


9. Cover letters and resumes

Why are they important?

Cover letters and resumes go hand-in-hand, as people shouldn’t submit one without another!

Human resources professionals will likely look at applicants’ resumes and cover letter to determine if they’re a good fit for the company.

This scenario will require you to read more than write. It’s important to be able to create these documents in order to identify a strong candidate. It would be foolish to ask someone who has never been to basketball to show you how to make a layup.

10. Customer complaint letters are answered

Why are they important?

If you are in customer service, you can expect to answer complaints. Regardless of your job, you may find yourself in this position.

Negative feedback about your company can be difficult to handle.

We get it. Customer complaints can be frustrating. Keep in mind that the customer wrote a letter to your company. Respect their time and respond professionally and graciously.

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