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10 Must-Have HR Software Features and System Requirements

by Dliitgroup

The key task of an HR Software is to track employee and client data. For this purpose, many companies use the age-old manual way of recording and processing data.

These methods have become outdated and newer and faster methods of managing HR-related tasks are needed. This is why every company whether big or small, uses HRMS to manage these tasks.

HR and Payroll software is a program used by many businesses to provide an automated and digital solution for optimizing and managing human resources tasks. To get a better idea of how HR software works and what facilities it provides, we have listed below some requirements that are a must in every HR software and application.

An HR System Should Preferably Be Cloud Based 

Most Human Resource systems and applications work on cloud-based models. While some businesses prefer that the software be installed on the premises within the business enterprise, the cloud-based model is more popular among the masses.  Since it provides a swift flow of data, it is highly preferred by companies.

In cloud-based models, the application is hosted by the vendor, and access to the software is available through a mobile app or a website. This method of installation has more advantages since this model provides better data security. Moreover, it is accessible from any place at any given point in time.

It Should Provide a Track of Attendance

Standard HR software provides a well-structured record of employee attendance. It typically provides features to record, track and update absences, while simultaneously capturing the hours of working of an employee per day. While choosing a good HR software make sure that it provides a standard set of facilities that have been discussed below:

  • It should provide the facility to differentiate between all types of absences that the company incorporates.
  • It should provide a database and produce time-tables that record information about each employee.
  • It should make the user interface simple for all employees and the web application should be made accessible easily.

A Good HR Software Should Include an Onboarding Module

An onboarding module can enhance the interactivity of the software. It can improve and automate the onboarding and recruitment process to provide a positive first impression. Large businesses and companies use this feature as the manual method of hiring new people can get difficult to manage and execute. A good HR and Payroll software Dubai should incorporate the following onboarding facilities:

  • A simple and easy-to-use interface to shift clients from recruiting to onboarding.
  • New employees must be able to receive all the necessary paperwork before their first day.
  • It should provide task schedules for everyone involved in the onboarding process.

Employee Benefit Features to Keep the Employee Motivated for Work

An HR system that encourages employee benefits to keep the workers motivated is generally preferred by most businesses today.

An HR application that provides employee benefits can save significant time during the recruitment process. Good HR software should configure multiple plan options, allow employees to choose their coverage whenever possible, and upload the data to insurance providers.

Every HR System Must Have the Option for Payroll

The availability of a payroll feature is a must when it comes to choosing an HR system. Many HR applications offer an inbuilt feature during payments and discounts. Usually, HR systems have prebuilt integrations with major payroll facility providers. Nitgen distributors in UAE offer top-notch hardware facilities to ease the process of payroll.

It Should Have the Feature to Record and Provide Compensation

Compensations are a critical factor that is required in every HR department. Compensation planning is an intricate task, even if done once a year.

A compensation module can provide tons of benefits including budget records that will motivate an employee to less spending, approval and workflow processes, protection of confidential data, detailed reports on bonuses and appraisals, etc.

It Must Have a Learning and Development Module

An HRMS should incorporate an LMS to streamline the administrative and corporate tasks of scheduling courses, implement a corporate culture of learning, and even provide online courses. It should also have support for instructor-led teaching and the ability to combine classes.

Incorporating an integration with third-party apps that sell online courses is another excellent way of implementing an LMS module. Furthermore, an LMS module must have a well-structured dashboard and suggestions of courses personalized for every employee.

Self-Service Portals Is Another Feature of an HRM Software

Providing self-service portals allows the employee to gain a sense of trust and control over their work. This will even motivate them to aim for higher productivity.

HR software should allow employees to update and view personal information, and provide role-based permissions to get access to sensitive data. A significant benefit of using self-service portals is that it provides the ability to securely share confidential information with employees and managers.

An HRMS Should Also Provide Dashboards and Reporting Utilities 

While considering HRM software features, one should always go through its dashboard and personalization facilities. Many times, these features are left for review at the end. Following are the benefits of dashboard and reporting facilities in a good HR software:

  • Dashboards that incorporate charts and trends to view insights
  • Feature to create personalized and custom dashboards in a simple and efficient way
  • Scheduling reports for different employees daily
  • Restricted and specific access to each employee
  • Standard reports that are usable by any employee easily

It Should Be Able to Provide Performance Management 

Many vendors that offer these services have in-built additional features for client feedback to review the management process. Well-structured HR software systems should provide options for 360-degree feedback, and give suitable suggestions for change, if possible.

Choosing The Right HRM Software

All these features are a must when choosing the right HR and Payroll software. Good HR software increases the profits of a company, keeping the employees and clients satisfied. HR Works and Nitgen Distributors in UAE provide excellent software and hardware Human Resources applications respectively.

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