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10 Amazing Ways An Amazon VA Can Help Your Business

10 Ways How Amazon VAs Benefit Your Business

by Mike Wilsonn

Running a store on Amazon requires you to be on your toes managing the flow of different tasks at the same time. It gets even more complex if you are responsible for routine administrative tasks and core jobs. Amazon virtual assistants are an important asset for sellers struggling with such issues on this giant eCommerce platform.

Let’s look into the 10 amazing ways Amazon VAs help in your eStore’s management.

  • Product Listing

Listing products on Amazon involves many administrative tasks. Amazon sellers find it hard to manage these listing responsibilities with core jobs. Amazon FBA virtual assistants are experts in listing your products as per the platform’s guidelines. They are experienced in creating searchable product titles and writing crisp consumer-friendly descriptions. 

Their expertise will help you get a competitive listing that builds a connection with consumers. Moreover, they will regularly analyze your listing’s performance to update it for better sales response. VAs are accustomed to Amazon’s multiple product listing rules, and they can manage bulk and single listings as per the requirement

  • eStore’s SEO

Engaging a virtual assistant with expertise in SEO saves you from the hassle of making your listing searchable. Virtual assistants conduct detailed research on your product’s keywords, enabling them to utilize the best available options to rank your product high on Amazon’s search. They are acquainted with factors that might affect your search rankings like nomenclature, character length, keyword standard, etc. 

VAs optimize your product listing’s description by adding keyword-enriched bullet points as features, removing irrelevant information, and making it more buyer-centric. They keep a tab on backend keywords, updating listings as needed. This helps in keeping your search response competitive. Amazon VAs can also modify ‘call-to-action’ buttons and suggest adding or removing discounts for better sales.

  • Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Amazon’s regulations. This clearly explains the importance of providing buyers with a good shopping experience. However, running a customer support department in-house has a number of obligations along with infrastructure costs. Amazon virtual assistant can help you here as well. Your VA can respond to customer queries and complaints through a messaging template. Along with handling general feedback, VAs can provide buyers with product details, features, and delivery status.

Customer service can make or break your brand’s reputation. Virtual assistants help in maintaining your brand image by acknowledging positive reviews and giving solutions for negative feedback. Professional VAs actively communicate with your customers by following up at regular intervals, unless the issue is resolved. 

  • Photo Editing

Product images have grown in importance over time. In the case of online shopping, buyers like to feel the product through high-quality descriptive images and details. Sellers can have the option of adding 3D images too, for better customer response.

Amazon virtual assistants are experts in reading the feel of the customers for your product and upgrading your photos accordingly. They can add or remove background, modify lighting, remove irrelevant objects and create a 360-degree descriptive feel for your buyers. With the help of certain tools, some VAs can also add graphics and 3D views for better presentation.

  • Order Processing

Processing your Amazon orders is a time-consuming accounting and administrative job. Handing over this to Amazon VA saves sellers from a lot of puzzles, especially if you use Fulfillment by Amazon. FBA virtual assistants are experienced in streamlining your order flow and subsequent inventory management. They can send in FBA inventory, obtain barcodes for sold items, download respective shipping labels, track the shipment, and update received unit records.

A virtual assistant can manage unfulfillable orders by transferring inventory from non-Amazon sites to FBA warehouses. They can also manage to account for exchanges and refunds, like creating case files and logging such requests and closures.

  • Tracking Shipments

Product shipment is another department that hugely affects your loyal consumer base. With Amazon virtual assistant on your side, you can leave the task of tracking deliveries in their hands. As discussed above, they keep a tab on the product as soon as a consumer buys it, issue its shipping label, and keep it under tracking unless it gets delivered.

  • Competitor Analysis

Amazon is a highly competitive platform due to the tremendous amount of consumer traffic it receives. Vendors wish to take advantage of this traffic which has resulted in many offering similar product ranges. To rise above the competition, a vendor needs to conduct thorough competitor research.

Your Amazon virtual assistant can provide you with crucial insights into the competition with in-depth research on their marketing strategies, target keywords, and customer acquisition strategy. This will help you create a counter strategy to give your product an edge over your competition. VAs are trained in focussed competitor analysis that can easily identify loopholes to assist your product’s establishment.

  • Market Research

Along with researching the competitors, you also need insights to upgrade your product and give it a unique selling point. Apart from this researching items to acquire at wholesale prices and negotiating with suppliers are equally important.

Your Amazon VA can perform product and market research, helping you with the best bargains. 

  • Ad Campaign Management

Virtual assistants are expert ad managers. They will provide you with the most profitable keywords that increase your campaign’s response and keep the budget spent to a minimum. Amazon VAs maximize ROI through their Amazon PPC management skills by analyzing the response reports, suggesting changes, and timely implementation.

Your Amazon VAs will also provide you with easily readable reports on your ad spent and its conversion response.

  • Social Media Management

VAs are also experts in online brand reputation management. They can handle your social media accounts to engage and build relationships with your customers. VAs can also use it to generate reviews and build trust.

To Sum it Up

Engaging Amazon store and FBA virtual assistants will save you time, cut your investment costs, and help you in focussing on growth and sales strategies. As they work remotely, you need not worry about employee obligations and infrastructure costs.

The virtual assistant model is a boon for Amazon sellers and vendors. All you have to do is search for experienced professionals who can take on your store’s management as you do.

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